Properties and grades of custom gaskets

Temperature information represents only standard values, not promised properties. We cannot assume responsibility for data sheets provided by the manufacturer. When in doubt, please contact us.

Designation Standard temperature values Structure Applications
Multi-layer metal gasket 700°C Multi-layer gasket made of materials defined by conditions of use, with inside flange and Waveline WLP At sealing locations exposed to very high mechanical and thermal stresses, such as on exhaust manifolds, compressors, turbochargers, etc.
Reinz MatriCS® 220°C Fibre-elastomer-coated sheet steel in compressed concentric corrugated/beaded design At sealing locations exposed to greater mechanical and thermal stresses, such as on intake manifolds, transmission covers, valve covers, housing/cover connections. compressors, pumps, etc.
Composite gaskets 120°C Elastomer gasket with fibre backup ring Custom pipeline construction
Frenzelit NOVATEC® System 260°C PTFE inner ring and NOVATEC® Premium outer ring Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry