Properties and grades of plastics

Standard designation  n
Trade name Commercial delivery standards Application examples Properties Spec. weight
Operating temperature
min./max. Standard values
Hard PVC
(polyvinyl chloride)
Trovidur, Hostalit, Vinidur, Kömmadur, e.g. Sheets, blocks, pipes, hollow bars, massive bars, films Apparatus construction, pipelines, turned parts Flame-resistant 1.39 60/70
Soft PVC Mipoplast Sheets, webs Impact protection, gaskets, bench covering Chemical-resistant 1.28  
Rigid PE
(low-pressure polyethylene)
Trolen, Lupolen, Supralen, e.g. Sheets, blocks, pipes, massive bars Moulded parts, apparatus construction Resistant to most acids, alkalines and solvents, flammable 0.94 60/90
Soft PE
(high-pressure polyethylene)
Trolen 200 Sheets, films, massive bars Deep drawn components, turned parts Same as rigid PE 0.92 60/90
RCH 1000
(low-pressure polyethylene) of high molecular weight
Supralen, RCH 1000, Hostalen, Lupolen H, Wefapress, e.g. Sheets, massive bars Bearings, gear wheels, part of great stability with good anti-friction properties Flammable, high abrasion resistance 0.94 120
Trolen-P, Hostalen PP, Vestolen P, e.g. Sheets, blocks, pipes, Apparatus construction, absorbers, washing machine parts Highly temperature-resistant, flammable 0.91 120
PA 6
(polyamide B)
Aeternarnid, Nylon,Trogamid, Ultrarnid, Sustamid, Rilsan, e.g. Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, films Sockets, gear wheels, guides, bolts, hollow bodies Tough, good abrasion resistance, resistant to petrol and benzol 1.14 100/150
PA 6.6
Aeternamid, Nylon, Trogamid, Ultramid, Sustamid, Rilsan, e.g. Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, films Bearing bushings subject to increased stress, gear wheels More rigid than PA 6, less stretch, good emergency properties 1.14 100/150
PA 11
(polyamide R)
Aeternarnid, Nylon,Trogamid, Ultramid,Sustamid, Rilsan, e.g. Round bars, pipes, hollow bars, sheets, films Dimensionally stable components Increased heat resistance and lower water absorption 1.04 60/120
(polyvinylidene flouride)
Sygef, Symalit, Kynar Pipes, round bars, sheets + blocks, fittings + auxiliary equipment Chem. Apparatus construction, pipelines, turned parts, mechanical engineering High chemical resistance, high dimensional stability 1.78 -60/+ 160
(acetal resin)
Delrin, Hostaforrn C Sheets, massive bars Bearings, bolts, gear wheels, sliding parts Very hard, dimensionally stable, good anti-friction properties 1.41 85/140
Hostaflon, Fluon, e.g. Sheets, films, massive bars Gaskets, membranes, turned parts Extremely high chemical resistance, flame-proof 2.2 -200/+ 250
Makrolon, Lexan, Sustonat Sheets, massive bars Apparatus construction, protective covers, glazing Mechanical stability, flame resistant, good impact resistance 1.2 -100/+135
(acrylic glas)
Plexiglas, Pexigum, Plexidur, Resarit, e.g. Sheets, pipes, massive bars Apparatus construction, electronic parts, model building Crystal-clear, hard surface, physiologically flawless 1.18 80
Hp 2061
(hard paper)
Birax, Ferrozell, Pertinax, Kartit, Trolitax, e.g. Sheets Components for control equipment, printed circuit boards, transformers Good insulating properties, with oil immersion suitable to 100°C 1.4 125
Hgw 2082
(fabric based laminate )
Biratex Sheets, massive bars, pipes Gear wheels, sockets, insulating components, rolls, sliding parts Highly resistant, dimensionally stable 1.4 125