Specialist for flat gaskets: Development, production and market experience since 1878! 

Established in 1878 in Hamburg, our company focusses on sealing technology with special orientation on flat gaskets made of materials, such as KlingerSil® and Sigraflex®. In addition to PTFE gaskets, metal gaskets, isolation flaps and grooved gaskets, our product range also includes special solutions, such as KlingerSil® and Sigraflex® graphite gaskets as well as many other types of flat gaskets. Since the focus of our company philosophy is on customer orientation, we develop and fabricate solutions for problematic gaskets according to customer requirements exactly and on short notice. These also include flat gaskets made of TopChem that meet the durability standards required in the chemical field and are extremely acid resistant. Our patented Waveline-WLP® refining process also enables us to supply custom graphite gaskets, such as those made of Sigraflex®. 

Product portfolio

  • BAM / FDA flat gaskets
  • TA Luft / KTW flat gaskets
  • Fibre gaskets
  • Graphite gaskets
  • Graphite compound gaskets
  • Egraflex Steelflon
  • PTFE gaskets
  • Flanged gaskets
  • Waveline-WLP® gaskets
  • Grooved gaskets
  • Single and multi-layer metal-gaskets
  • Triclamp gaskets
  • Spiral-wound gaskets
  • Corrugated metallic gaskets
  • Ring joint gaskets
  • Weld ring gaskets
  • Viton gaskets
  • Rubber-metal gaskets
  • Packings
  • Expansion joints
  • Elastomer gaskets
  • Semi-finished products
  • We produce flat gaskets (e. g. Abil) in all sizes according to drawings and special dimensions.
  • We develop custom solutions, e.g. for light construction.
  • We refine flat gaskets with inside and outside flanges using our Waveline-WLP® process developed in-house.

From grooved gaskets through to the Viton flat gasket - quality from your gasket specialist

As an experienced producer of gaskets, we are your partner in everything to do with production of KlingerSil®, Sigraflex® and Viton flat gaskets. We carry a large selection of sealing sheets from various renown sheet producers. These include Armstrong, Frenzelit, Garlock, GORE®, Hecker, Klinger, Reinz and SGL, among others. In combination with our comprehensive know-how, we fabricate graphite gaskets, PFTE gaskets, grooved gaskets, isolation flaps, etc. of highest quality and performance standards.


Service-oriented gasket manufacturer

Do you have general questions about our sealing technology? Or are you interested in custom solutions in the area of flat gaskets in general or PFTE gaskets or graphite gaskets as well as spiral-wound gaskets? If so, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide consulting services.



Sealing sheets from the following manufacturers


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