Your contact for compensators

Your contact for compensators

Masterful recording of multi-dimensional movement


Fabric compensators

The main advantage of soft-material compensators is their multidimensional absorption of movement despite having very low reaction force. Their superior movement absorption allows for cost-effective piping, while their low reaction force perwiths cost-effective fix point construction.


Range of application

Soft-material compensators have been proven to withstand:

  • in pipes and ducts for gaseous media such as air, flue gas, exhaust gas

  • temperatures of up to 700 °C and higher

  • pressuresofupto 500 mbar

  • major axial movement and – often concurrently – lateral or angular loads

  • all industry sectors such as thermal power plants, gas turbine plants, the chemicals industry, flue gas desulphurisation plants, chimney and flue construction, ship construction, stationary diesel generator sets, waste incineration plants, flue gas treatment plants, dedusting plants, metallurgical industry




With pressure-proof cord inserts for all sectors of industry tocompensate expansions and to reduce noise and vibrationtransmission - also in a braced version.


These compensators are used wherever an increased incidence of chemical attack is anticipated. Depending on the elastomer quality, they can be used at up to 200 °C. They are available for round and square-shaped conduit with or without pre-formed bulge at the edges and upon request with a vulcanised outlet nozzle with or without flange connection. We produce elastomer compensators using a patented manufacturing technique with and without a pre-formed bulge at the edge area.


These compensators are manufactured of exceptional nighly compressed PTFE material.

The extremely flexible and besides pressure-proofed manufactured from a compact block but in a complex manufacturing procedure without destruction of the existing filamentousstructure.

The compensators are provided with reinforment rings of stainless steel to increase the pressure-proof.

PTFE compensators are suitable to absorption axial and radial movement. Also at applications with critical cinditions no symptoms of fatique occur. A especiallylongduabilitydistinguishthisproductfromothers.

Stainless steel Compensatoren

We can manufacture bellows from various materials such as 304, 316, 321, 309S, 310S, 904L, duplex 2205, duplex 2507, alloy 625 and other nickel alloys.

Expansion joint is a device containing one or more flexible element used to absorb dimensional changes such as those caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline, duct or vessel.

Bellows type expansion joints require little to no maintenance and are capable of absorbing axial, lateral and angular types of movements in a compactpace.

Since expansion joints are generally custom designed, they are highly specialized products.It is necessary to supply the expansion joint manufacturer with the necessary information for correct design.

As a minimum the following information must be given: Diameter, design movements, pressure and temperature, materials of construction, connection type and length.